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Canon INSPIC S: Camera for those who are passionate about “instant photography”

“Shooting with film cameras” is a very expensive hobby and requires a lot of photography skills, so not every young person can pursue it. But the feeling of cherishing on the hands of a photo I took is still giving a very feeling, compared to looking at the image on the screen. Canon INSPIC S was born to bring this joy to you passionate about “instant photography”.

What exactly is Canon INSPIC S?

Is a camera. Of course.

This machine is called ‘INSPIC S’This machine has the ability to store digital photos, supports up to 256GB memory card . It is very compact size and easy to put in hand luggage when traveling. The exact dimensions of the device are 121 x 80.3 x 21.5 mm, weighing 188 grams .
When you remove the back, you will see a fairly large amount of space inside the machine is for the area containing photo paper.

Area for photo paperThe printer uses 50 x 76mm printing paperThis is a great feature of the Canon INSPIC S – the ability to print photos on instant paper . It supports 50 x 76 mm photo paper (2: 3 aspect ratio, or 2: 2 aspect ratio).
And even without the “front screen”, the lens of the device is coated with a reflective layer, so you can pose appropriately before taking a selfie. In short, the machine has just taken, just wash the picture. This is convenient, isn’t it?

Anything more interesting? 

As mentioned above, Canon INSPIC S has a micro SD card slot and supports saving photos in digital format . However, if the user does not insert a memory card, the camera can still take and print images as normal.

Memory card slot and micro USB charging port on the bottom of the deviceNot only can you print photos taken from your device, you can also use this device to print photos from your own smartphone / tablet , using an application called Canon Mini Print (you can download this application at App Store or Google Store). Photos printed with this device will have a resolution of 600 ppi .
Another detail that will surely be loved by selfie fans is the LED light ring on the front of the device, which adds light to the photographer’s face.

Some minus points unfortunately

The device is designed with a shutter button on the right. So when you take a selfie, your right-handers will feel a bit backward.
Another unfortunate point is that the machine will not be able to capture without paper. This means that you cannot take a series of photos to save on a memory card and then select a few to wash. On the contrary, if you have printing paper without a memory card, you can take pictures and wash carefree photos until … run out of paper.

When the paper runs out, the top edge of the device will show a red light and no photos will be allowedA green light indicates that you can shoot normallyAnother detail that you “big hands” to note again is that the camera’s shutter button is quite sensitive, and no half-trigger mode / focus demi like digital cameras. Maybe you will miss your hand and the machine will print a series of unwanted images (which is good for photo paper, certainly not cheap).

You will want to own Canon INSPIC S …

– When you are passionate about “taking pictures and washing” but do not have many conditions to invest in a series of film cameras: Canon INSPIC S will help you satisfy the experience of holding pictures taken by yourself.
– When you have a habit of printing souvenir photos and putting them in solemn places, or storing beautiful moments right in your wallet to be able to see every day : If you are at a party with friends and are given a photo On the spot, you will feel your picture is worth more than a file sent via phone right?


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