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Watch GT2 & FreeBuds 3: A great companion with you to practice sports

Huawei wants to help you conquer the challenges of mobility in 2020 with the latest two products in your ecosystem, combined with smartphones to help you improve health. Here’s how Watch GT2 and FreeBuds 3 will become companions with you in the new year. 

Watch GT2 can help you take control of your health in three ways: monitoring essential health, giving exercise suggestions and collecting data for analysis. This is done with the power of Kirin A1 chip, which supports fast computing but low power consumption. For such results, Huawei’s processors personalize operations by using algorithms to analyze applications, thereby allocating resources appropriately. The result is a Watch GT2 for up to two weeks of battery life, outperforming any smartwatches currently on the market.

To use it, users connect the Watch GT2 to the Huawei Health app on smartphones. Also through that program, you can personalize your watch face and view data on your physical activities. Watch GT2 constantly monitors your heart rate and stress level, gives warnings if it detects an irregular heartbeat, and suggests taking deep breaths when you’re stressed. The sleep tracking function is also important to improve overall health, by analyzing sleep cycles and giving suggestions for improvement. In addition, Watch GT2 also alerts when users are sedentary, reminds you to stand up and move.

The highlight of the Watch GT2 is its ability to adapt to any sports activity, from running, walking, swimming to mountain climbing, boating. The watch supports 15 sports modes, 13 running textbooks with four different target types. Watch GT2 also track details about heart rate, suitable speed and stride when running. If climbing, the watch also supports professional data such as altitude, air pressure or compass. 

When swimming, the Watch GT2 is able to accurately determine the type of swim, the number of times the fan is engaged, the time, the calories and even the SWOLF index, which is aimed at professionals. The watch is fashionable but still waterproof to 50 meters, giving users confidence to use whether swimming indoors or outdoors.

In addition to supporting fitness and fitness tracking, Watch GT2 also acts as an assistant to help you handle everyday tasks. Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity up to 150 meters, users can receive call notifications, messages or even set alarms or reminders right on the smartwatch. All these operations are done via the AMOLED HD touch screen, housed in a sleek 3D glass design.

The practice becomes more interesting and effective when combined with the music. So, the Watch GT2 pair of watches combined with FreeBuds 3 headphones will be a great help in your health training journey. Lightweight, comfortable and completely cordless, Huawei’s earphones fit snugly and are held tight in your ears even when running. FreeBuds 3 also scores with sports enthusiasts for its minimalist design, intelligent noise resistance and real-time synchronization.

Not only when exercising, FreeBuds 3 is also suitable for those who play games, watch movies on mobile because of the sound without delay. You can also talk while on the go thanks to the smart air filter design, while the sound bands remain balanced and clear. It’s time to “F5” yourself, control your health with Huawei smart devices. And Watch GT2 and FreeBuds 3 will become your companion in the journey to conquer the campaign goals of the new year


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