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Meet the Fashion Watch Brand for young people of Vietnam after joining Shark Tank

The first point to mention is that Curnon seems to have paid more attention to the watch’s resistance. Sapphire glass is used for products instead of Mineral glass as before. So the scratch resistance will be improved quite a lot.

Mineral glass has been replaced with Sapphire glass

The next most visible one is Curnon which increases the face size from 38mm to 40mm. This change is likely to be controversial because each one has a different wrist size, but in TechZ’s opinion it seems to be more suitable for Vietnamese men’s wrists; It also feels more solid when worn.

The face size is raised to 40mm

The movement of the Curnon watch has not changed, still using Miyota Quartz from Japan. This can be considered as a disadvantage of Curnon. In fact, watch lovers will probably expect Curnon to have other movements, with more diverse features instead of just being used to see the time and make accessories.

I must say that Curnon’s previous dial knob was an extremely basic design error, rough and painful. With the current version, Curnon has absorbed the opinions of users to improve the compact knob design and provide a better experience.

The shape of the clock knob is transformed into a round cylinder  

One weakness of Curnon is that there is no luminous design of the hands that make it difficult for users to see the time in the evening.

The strap is the next thing we want to talk about. It’s easy to see that Curnon has changed his leather strap material, which has certain advantages and disadvantages. The old leather strap version is made from raw cowhide with higher quality but not good resistance, when deformed, it is easy to deform, smell unpleasant. Meanwhile, the new leather strap is Genuine Leather material – not high quality leather but in return durable and more fashionable. Currently, Curnon has also added metal wire materials, Nato fabric wire so that users have more options.

Leather strap material has been changed

The last thing to note is the small details Curnon put into his design: the front is the words “Designed in Vietnam”, and the bottom is the image of Dong Son Dong Drum. These changes seem to help Curnon to clearly show the Vietnamese brand.

The bottom is designed with images of Vietnamese copper drum

The words “Designed in Vietnam”


In short, although there are still some weaknesses in the product, it is possible to see the potential of Curnon development in the future. With a modern and youthful design, stable running machine, continuously improved product quality at the same reasonable price, Curnon watches are one of the very suitable products for customers who have Mid-range income, ready to pay about 2 million for a fashion watch. Hopefully in the future, we will be able to see more Vietnamese spirit products from Curnon.


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