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Leica introduces a 187 megapixel SL2 camera

Leica’s new camera model is a replacement for the SL launched in 2015. This is considered a major upgrade of the internal hardware but little design changes. The corners are softer, while the back has only three basic buttons similar to the Q2 model. The device is still resistant to severe weather, dust, water according to IP54.
The biggest difference between SL2 and SL is the brand new full-frame CMOS sensor with 4 megapixel resolution like the Q2 or Panasonic S1R. The 5-axis sensor shift system can be used to create images up to 187 megapixels.
The SL2 can shoot up to 20 fps continuously in electronic shutter mode and 10 fps with mechanical shutter, both of which are in AF autofocus lock mode. If you select focus and continuous metering, this speed drops to 6 fps. It has dual SD card slot, support high speed standard UHS-II. According to CIPA standard, each camera fully charges 370 types.

Monochromatic screen displays shooting information.Leica’s new full-frame camera can shoot DCI or UHD 4K at 60 frames per second, with images covering most of the sensor’s width. The rotation speed of 60 frames per second and 50 frames per second is recorded in 8-bit format when 30 frames per second or less can be output into a 10-bit stream. In addition, users can choose to expand the 5K mode to a maximum speed of 30 frames per second with a ratio of 4: 3 with a crop ratio of 1.6.
The rear screen of the SL2 has a 3.2 inch size that supports touch, a resolution of 2.1 million pixels. The OLED viewfinder has a pixel density of 5.76 million dots.
Leica SL2 will start selling in the middle of this month for $ 6,000.
Official photo Leica SL2: 


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