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Close-up of Panasonic Lumix DC-S1H mirrorless Full-Frame camera

Compact, stylish and intuitive, the EOS M200 is for everyone, anyone who wants to enhance social media sharing from smartphone photos to high-quality images and videos to attract more followers. Watch more.

The camera is also ideal for users who prefer high-quality selfies or are starting to get used to photography. This promises to be the perfect replacement model for the Canon EOS M10, which has been the best-selling mirrorless camera on the market since 2017.

Still photos and featured videos

At the core of the EOS M200 is the 24.1-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor. Canon’s exclusive Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology has been improved, the number of AF areas to choose automatically is expanded to a maximum of 143 points, making it possible for users to achieve AF speed easily when shooting live view, for images. High Quality.
This is a camera that uses convertible lenses, so users have the flexibility to choose multiple EF-M lenses for a variety of purposes: macro photography, portrait photography, wide-angle, or telephoto, to create a variety of More creative style for many different posts. The camera can also be used with Canon’s EF / EF-S lenses, giving users the freedom to create even more unique content.

What will a portrait or selfie look like if the subject’s eyes are out of focus? Because the eyes are the soul’s windows, the Eye Detection AF feature ensures that the eye is always in focus even when the subject is constantly on the move – helping users to focus more on shooting. photos with a more natural expression.

Stylish design and useful features

With a slim and trendy design, the EOS M200 body weighs just nearly 299g, can easily fit in your pocket and follow you anywhere. The black EOS M200 is designed with a rough texture, while the white EOS M200 is designed with a textured handle and a cool silver top – this is a stylish accessory that easily fits in. every outfit. Designed not only for ergonomic comfort, the camera features a dial button that selects the shooting mode at the top, making it easy for users to quickly operate and not worry about missing the perfect moment they want to split. Share with friends on social networks.

With the Silent Shooting mode, users of the EOS M200 can capture still images in situations such as presentations, concerts, and art museums, without worrying about shutter sound. Besides, the LCD screen rotates 180 degrees with a dedicated mode for self-portraits and helps to vertically rotate, very suitable for sharing content on social networks, where most content is viewed by devices. on mobile, the vertical orientation of the post content is important. Moreover, movies shot using the EOS M200 can be made easily with the dial button on the LCD monitor.

Connect easily with smart devices

In addition to Wi-Fi, the EOS M200 supports Bluetooth to connect to smart devices like smartphones and tablets. When the initial connection setup is completed, the EOS M200 and the corresponding device will automatically connect using Bluetooth. After connecting and selecting an function in the application, the camera will automatically connect using the appropriate method.

Product specifications:

Expected sale price:

  • EOS M200 Kit 15-45mm / 22mm: 19,900,000 VND.
  • EOS M200 kit 15-45mm: VND 15,900,000.


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